The consumer markets of Malaysia are at its all-time high as of now. According to a recently published article by Research Institute Forrester, it states that the business to consumers online retail might reach to approximately $53 billion by the end of 2023 as from $19 billion of today. Mostly due to the household spending of southeast Asia and due to the growth of consumer markets, more quantity of goods might be moved across the borders. This can surely give a perfect boost to the cross-border trucking industry in the whole country.


More on Cross Border Trucking

Talking about cross border trucking, it is indeed a very easy way to save both time and money. Depending on the amount of cargo, trucking is the fastest transportation medium when compared to air or water routes. Being so much flexible it surely allows better transportation routes among the nearby countries and even offers very fast delivery. Talking of air or water freight delivery, you always have to rely on strict schedules of the shipping company or the airlines. On the contrary, cross border trucking is a much more flexible option whenever it comes to the routes or the departure timings.


Some of the Busiest Border Crossings

Some of the busiest borders crossing points across Malaysia are the Malaysian and Thailand border with Bukit Kayu Hitam (BHK) Malaysia/Sadao Thailand and Padang Besar Malaysia/Sadao Thailand as the two major cross border points. Other border crossing point is Johor Malaysia/Tuas Singapore between Malaysia and Singapore. These are some of the busiest border crossings across the country.


Custom Clearance

Customs clearance is a very important factor that makes cross border trucking different from other means of transport. Although all the countries across the region are working hand in hand to provide a coherent custom process, still shippers and freight operators have to deal with a variety of custom requirements while performing cross border trucking.

Delays in customs happen mostly because of incomplete paper works and other safety checks. To avoid costs and delays, it is always recommended to hire professionals and well-established international logistics brands. Unlike any other local trucking companies that are operating on a small scale, integrated services such as customs clearance are mostly absent on their service list. SKATransport has offices throughout the country, thereby helping clients in hassle-free custom clearance especially during border crossings.


Logistics Safety and Security

Safety and security play a major role in logistics. Remember the road conditions of the South East Asian countries are bad. However, certain steps can help in making sure that your cargo is safe and sound. To avoid further damage, your goods can be secured with the help of lashings, floor stoppers, or even by the installation of a special type of airbag. While dealing with a cross border trucking company never forget to verify the driver’s authority and check if he is trained enough to deal with the tough road conditions of the region.

Overall cross border trucking is a very efficient transportation system especially for the countries of Southeast Asia. In recent days, shippers across Malaysia have started discovering the benefits of trucking for both import and export from different parts of the globe. If you are looking for freight and logistics support across Malaysia, SKA Transport can surely cater to all your needs. The company’s dedicated team and compelling infrastructure have led them to fulfill every promise made to their customers. From dealing with the customs to offering warehouse and distribution solutions SKA Transport is a name you can always trust.